Stephanie & Phillip

Stephanie and Phillip’s wedding is here!  It was a fantastic day, check it out!

Dani & Mikala

Dani and Mikala are getting hitched!  Can’t wait for their wedding this fall, should be a great time!  We took a stroll around downtown Fort Wayne one blustery spring day, check it out:

Jamie & Keith

Time for Jamie and Keith’s engagement session!  Would I mind heading down to Bloomington for it, though?  Noooooope.  Back to the motherland I went!

“A good book is the precious life-blood of a master spirit.”  Preach.

Limestone + trees + bikes = the IU campus.

Sample Gate!  Haaaaad to!

Good work, guys!  Looking forward to your wedding in Louisville next year!

Caroline & Nick

Here’s Caroline and Nick!  We took advantage of an absolutely perfect fall evening and ran around Foster Park and downtown Fort Wayne.  Good times, check it out!

Michelle & Jared

Michelle and Jared are getting marrrrrried!  We took a stroll around Michelle’s family’s beautiful land, before heading downtown to Parkview Field.  Jared works for the TinCaps, so we got some pretty great VIP access and only got yelled out by one security guard!  Check it out!