Jamie & Adam

We’ve had some iffy weather here in Indiana this fall, but Jamie and Adam’s day was perrrrfect!  Let’s get to it.

Adam’s brother was out of the country serving in the military, but he got a Skyped front row seat to the wedding!  So cool.

So Adam broke his ankle about 6 weeks before their wedding day, and had been rocking a boot and scooting around with a wheeled walker thing that I clearly don’t know the right name for…BUT, he walked his bride back down the aisle like an absolute champion!

STOP!  Party time!

This cake?  Legendary.  If I remember correctly, it had 5 or 6 different flavors!  And the brace on the groom’s leg on the topper was a great touch.

I had heard a rumor that Adam had big plans when it came to retrieve Jamie’s garter…the man did not disappoint!  He found several non-garter items first haha.

LOOOOOOVE!  You guys are awesome.