Kelly & Kyle

Introducing Kelly, Kyle, and a really photogenic set of stairs!  These two were gracious enough to invite me back to the scene of my senior prom, the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum, for their beautiful wedding.  Herrrrrrre we go!

Kelly and Kyle’s friends read an excerpt from Lord of the Rings during the ceremony…what a great and unique idea!

Party time!  The rain forced us to take all our portraits inside…but I certainly wasn’t going to complain about a museum full of incredible (and expensive, woah) cars to play around with!

This one’s my favorite!  The image that is…although that baby blue beauty behind our newlyweds isn’t bad either.

The cake vs. pie debate rages on for eternity…but as a pie guy myself, I was delighted to see some pies get top billing at a wedding!  Good form, guys.

You guys are amazing, haaaaaaave fun being married!


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