Lauren & Tony

Lauren and Tony’s wedding is here!  It wassssssss amazing!  I was pulling groomsman/photographer double duties, so thankfully I had the talented Matt Compton there helping me out.  Let’s get to it!

It was an insanely perfect weather day, with just a littttle bit of wind…right…about…now!

Downtown Fort Wayne was JUMPING this day.  Coney Island was having their 100th anniversary bash, Johnny Appleseed was in full swing…and Country Fest at the Tincaps Stadium!  We snuck in and the crowd went crazy for the newlyweds.

Directing a photoshoot that I was also in was a little strange haha…but we got it done!

“Ok, now do whatever you want!”

Hot FIRE!  Dang these two are smokin’.

Lauren snatched my camera and took a picture of MY family!  #rolereversal

Party timmmmme!  This is the greatest wedding party poster of all time.  There are no close seconds.  Yes I’m a lifelong Hoosier fan.

It was Lauren’s nephew Nolan’s birthday!  Johnny Tincap was nice enough to stop by and give him his very own cake!


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